There’s A Mega Prayer For Mitt Romney Tonight

Real plea for victory, or parody of religious right? The answer may lie in a busty avatar. posted on

It’s totally unclear who’s behind — the domain’s owner has blocked his or her identity. Also unclear: whether its claims of “hundreds of scientific studies proving the effects of group prayer” are earnest. As of Monday night, 12,870 liked the site on Facebook. But dozens on Twitter were skeptical of its seriousness.

The site uses this anecdote as proof group prayer works, then ends with a plea to pray for Mitt Romney:

Twitter has come to at least one consensus, though. The website’s mascot is a little distracting…

Jay-Z and Obama vs." target="_blank">"> All black, all the time vs. praying with big boobs.

I love that their spokestoon is wearing body paint, as evidence by her boobs. @stephaniedrury" target="_blank">">@stephaniedrury Oh. My. G-d." target="_blank">">

Pray Romney into the White House:" target="_blank">"> Because god decides his vote based on an online form with a bosomy cartoon mascot.

Let's all get together & pray for boobs like this cartoon Christian lady." target="_blank">">

I couldn’t get past the big cartoon boobs. RT @felixsalmon:" target="_blank">">@felixsalmon: Pray for Mittens!" target="_blank">"> #RomneyMegaPrayer" target="_blank">">#RomneyMegaPrayer

“There have been 100s of scientific studies proving the effects of group prayer.”" target="_blank">"> Bonus: avatar has jutting breasts.

I totally wanna bang the Christian librarian on Romney Mega Prayer!" target="_blank">">" target="_blank">"> <-will definitely pray for #Romney." target="_blank">">#Romney. Cartoon lady tried to show me her boobs. The least I could do is return the favor.

I find it weird that the cartoon woman is drawn so shapely:" target="_blank">">

The lady in the blue looks really nice" target="_blank">">

I like the shapely lady at the bottom of this page, too." target="_blank">"> #RomneyMegaPrayer" target="_blank">">#RomneyMegaPrayer

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