This Man Named His Basketball-Sized Tumor “Wilson”

He’s raising money to help have it removed.

1. This is Scot Jacobson. He weighs more than 500 pounds — 70 pounds of which is a basketball-sized tumor.

East Oregonian, E.J. Harris) / AP

Scot (center) with his wife and boys.

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Before the tumor is removed, Jacobson must undergo gastric bypass surgery, the East Oregonian reports. But before that, he needs to raise $6,000 more. Jacobson, a social worker, already emptied his savings and sold his car in 2007 to afford a failed gastric bypass. Now the father of three adopted children must pull together the money once again.

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3. Despite his condition, Jacobson has a sense of humor about it.

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His tumor’s name? Wilson.

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5. Some who know Jacobson are rallying to help him pay for the procedure. One friend, Peggy Ruiz, says “God didn’t give those boys a new dad just so they could lose him.”

“I know how hard it was for Scot to admit, ‘I need help,’” Ruiz told the East Oregonian. “He’s a very humble man who’s always willing to give of himself to others.”

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