The Long, Strange Career Of James Holmes’s Courtroom Artist

Bill Robles, the courtroom artist who sketched James Holmes this week, has also sketched Charles Manson, K. Fed and Rodney King.

1. James Holmes, suspected Aurora theater shooter

Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794501
Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794508
Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794522

Jared Loughner, Tucson shooter

Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794551
Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794563
Bill Robles / Reuters
ID: 794566

6. Michael Jackson, at his 2005 sexual molestation trial

Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794606
Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794608
Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794639

9. Lindsay Lohan, repeat offender

Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794689

10. Rodney King, police brutality victim who sparked Los Angeles riots

Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794702

11. Whitey Bulger, Boston mob boss

Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794709

12. Kevin Federline, ex-husband of Britney Spears

ID: 794721

13. Paris Hilton, another repeat offender

Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794733

14. Robert Blake, acquitted murder suspect and actor

Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794773

15. The O.J. Simpson Jury

Bill Robles

ID: 797228

16. Imelda Marcos, Filipino politician

Bill Robles / AP
ID: 794783

17. Chi Mak, engineer who conspired to export secret defense technology to China

ID: 797200

18. Sohiel Omar Kabir, alleged terrorism plot ringleader

Bill Robles

ID: 797207

19. Charles Manson, cult leader

On the cover of an upcoming book featuring Robles’ work.

ID: 797452

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