Rapper Kitty Pryde Live-Tweeted A Manhole Fire In Brooklyn

If only every minor FDNY call got the Kitty treatment. “PEOPLE REAL MAD ABOUT KENDRICKS VERSE IN BUSHWICK” posted on

wat a fucking BOMB just went off outside our house i hate bushwick so much

wait it's getting worse and worse but we're just sitting here tweeting with diet coke and iced coffee

wait we're sitting here laughing at this why are people freaking out it's like a fucking DUMPSTER BOMB SHUT UP

14. Finally, some answers:

@StyleIT @ChristRobbins @kittaveli It's a manhole fire (we only post all-hands fires and above on @Twitter). Waiting for ConEd now.

Manhole explosions are not unusual.

16. For the unacquainted:


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