Bees Eat Too Much Candy, Barf Up Brightly Colored Honey

M&M’s, depending on your perspective, are either ruining nature or making it awesomer. Residue from a plant that processes M&M’s in France may be turning local beehives’ honey different colors.

Vincent Kessler / Reuters

Over the past two months, Andre Frieh and other beekeepers near the French town of Ribeauville have noticed their bees turning out honey in unnatural shades — green, blue and dark brown among them.

Vincent Kessler / Reuters

The beekeepers believe the bees are consuming residue from containers of M&M’s candy processed at a nearby biogas plant.

Vincent Kessler / Reuters
Vincent Kessler / Reuters
Vincent Kessler / Reuters
Vincent Kessler / Reuters

The honey is obviously gross and unnatural, but hey, it looks pretty cool.

Vincent Kessler / Reuters

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