Turns Out The Russian Ballet Acid Attacker Was "Ivan The Terrible"

Of course. Police say dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko confessed to orchestrating January’s Black Swan-style attack.

1. On Wednesday, police announced that Pavel Dmitrichenko, a soloist with Russia’s Bolshoi Theatre, confessed to plotting an acid attack on the troupe’s artistic director Sergei Filin in January.

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2. Here’s Dmitrichenko as Ivan the Terrible.

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3. Ivan the TERRIBLE.

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4. Dmitrichenko reportedly made a name for himself playing the role of villans, like Ivan and “Swan Lake’s” Von Rothbart.

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5. Right.

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6. Anyway, he’s suspected of ordering the attack on Filin.

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7. Two other men carried out the attack — Yury Zarutsky, who allegedly threw the sulphuric acid at Filin’s face, burning the director’s face and neck and severely damaging his eyesight.

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8. And Andrei Lipatov, the suspected getaway driver.

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9. Filin, who’s publicly clashed with dancers before, is currently being treated in Germany, but is expected to fully recover his eyesight.

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10. A theater spokesman said she knew of “no bitter rivalry” between the director and his dancer, though there are reports Dmitrichenko’s motive was a “hostile personal relationship.”

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