Incredible Photos From The Boston Bombing Suspects’ Shoot-Out With Police

Before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found hiding in a boat, he narrowly escaped a police shoot-out that left one officer injured and Tsarnaev’s brother, Tamerlan, dead. One neighbor, Andrew Kitzenberg, live-tweeted the whole thing.

1. The Tsarnaev brothers can be seen crouching behind a black SUV, firing at police.

2. After detonating a pressure cooker bomb, Tamerlan ran towards police, then collapsed. His body can be seen crumpled in the road near the police vehicles as Dzhokhar drives the SUV through to cordon.

3. Police swarm a green sedan that the brothers had also hijacked. A police SUV can be seen crashed into a parked car at the bottom of the photo.

4. The green vehicle was filled with ammo and explosives the brothers used in the standoff.

5. A blast mark from the pressure cooker bomb can be seen in the road.

6. Backpacks potentially filled with explosives are left on the street.

7. A member of the bomb squad approaches the backpacks.

8. A bomb squad robot inspects the backpacks and the vehicle.

9. A bomb squad robot and the bomb squad agent approach the scene.

10. Police continue their search for Dzhokhar.

11. Going door to door in the neighborhood.

12. A stray bullet from the shoot-out entered Kitzenberg’s home and hit a computer chair. Notice the bullet hole in the calendar.

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