How To Survive A Hurricane, According To Instagram

Booze, beignets, and hip murals on boarded-up windows. New Orleans residents Instagram their way through Hurricane Isaac.

STEP 1: Take some shots of boarded-up windows.

3. Preferably some boards with hip illustrations…

4. But really, any ironic graffiti will do.

STEP 2: Break the tension of the storm with some funny poses.


We had to express ourselves while waiting for the hurricane. #bouncemusic @diplo


Singin in the… #isaac #hurricane

STEP 3: Find something to eat.


I love my maw maw #hurricaneisaac #gumbo #hurrivaneprobz #louisianaprobz

8. (Unless all the restaurants are closed due to the massive hurricane barreling toward your city.)

No beignets #isaac #nola #frenchquarter

STEP 4: Relax! It’s just a little rain.


The power isn’t even out yet and I’ve got the candles out! #scaredofthedark #relaxingthough #hurricaneisaac


Let the bummery begin #Bookworm #ThisAlliDoAnyway Fuck #HurricaneIsaac Got 18 #fanfiction novels to read! I’ma be up for hrs! *squeals in excitement*

STEP 5: If the storm is getting serious, it’s time to get seriously drunk.


#hurricaneisaac #junglejuice #jaysjunglejuice


Hurricane party ? At mine we r drinking Absinthe! #hurricaneisaac #Gulfportmississippi #landmassparty #absinthe #thisishowiroll


#hurricaneisaac, #bicardi, #coastlife

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