Grindr Pushes Gay Users To Vote

Some are skeptical. “When I’m on grindr I’m not thinking about politics.”

Hey, Grindr citizen: You live in a swing state, and your vote will decide who becomes the next president. You can make a major difference by making sure you get out and vote for not only the next president but also the candidates who represent the gay voice — your voice. So are you registered to vote? Tap “More” to register and find your nearest polling place.

On Tuesday, mega-popular gay dating app Grindr announced Grindr for Equality, an effort to mobilize its 1.5 million American users. In-app notifications will promote local, state and presidential candidates who support LGBT initiatives, as well as remind members to register to vote and show up to the polls on voting day.

It’s unclear whether the political initiative will work on Grindr, an app typically used when you’re driven by other, um, instincts. Or as these tweeters put it:

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