Criss Angel’s Puppy Was Stolen In Las Vegas

The saddest Mindfreak story ever.

1. This is Dini, Criss Angel’s Yorkshire Terrier, and his cat, Hammie. In November, Dini died.


ID: 844179

2. Angel bought a new Yorkshire Terrier puppy a few days ago, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

(This is still Dini. Angel didn’t get the chance to post photos of his new puppy.)

ID: 844259

3. On Monday, he went on vacation in Mexico and left the puppy in the care of Prince and Princess Puppies & Boutique. The puppy, along with three others, was stolen.

ID: 844193

4. Here’s the video of the thieves in action, via the Las Vegas Police:

The video shows two separate pet store robberies. At the first store, the puppies are stolen. At the second store, several expensive exotic birds are taken.

ID: 844213

5. Angel has now offered a $5,000 reward for the puppies, according to the Sun.

Angel with his other dogs. HELP THE MINDFREAK.

ID: 844372

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