Columbia Students Are Eating (Or Stealing) $5,000 Worth Of Nutella Each Week

Holy hazelnut.

1. BREAKING NEWS. Columbia has a Nutella problem.


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2. The school’s Dining division started offering the treat in February, but supply continues to run low — partially, some suspect, because students are stealing some for later.


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The Columbia Spectator broke the news on Tuesday. BuzzFeed did the math to figure out just how much students are eating and/or hoarding.

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4. We don’t know the specifics of Columbia’s Nutella order, but we do know the prices listed online:

Here and here.

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5. Columbia officials say they’re losing $5,000 worth of Nutella each week. Using the numbers above, that’s 850-950 pounds worth of supply.

About the same weight of a horse (840 to 1,200 pounds) or seven average-sized couches weekly.

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6. If Columbia students are consuming 100 pounds per day, as alleged, that’s roughly…

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7. Columbia estimates that at this rate, Nutella consumption will cost them $250,000 a year. That’s about seven jars per undergrad!

58,275 jars for 8,103 undergrads.

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8. Or, you know, annual tuition and fees for four students.

2012-2013: $61,642

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