12 Black Flags Spotted At Anti-U.S. Protests Around The World

The al-Qaeda-linked Islam flag that declares “No God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet,” has flown over Innocence of Muslims-related protests from Cairo to Sydney.

1. Doha, Qatar

Osama Faisal / AP

A Qatari protester holds a black flag with Islamic inscription in Arabic that reads, “No God but Allah, and Mohammed is his Prophet.”

ID: 589851

2. Cairo, Egypt

Nasser Nasser, File / AP

An Egyptian woman holds a black flag that also reads, “No God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet,” in front of the U.S. embassy Wednesday, Sept. 12.

ID: 589853

3. Manama, Bahrain

AP Photo / AP

A group of protesters raise a Saudi flag and the al-Qaida-affiliated flag toward the U.S. Embassy.

ID: 589977

4. Tunis, Tunisia

KHALIL/AFP / Getty Images

Tunisian protesters lower and burn a U.S. flag as they replace it with an Islamic flag Sept. 12.

ID: 590132

5. Bayan, Kuwait

Stephanie Mcgehee / Reuters

Protesters shout outside the U.S. embassy in Bayan Sept. 13.

ID: 590160

6. Benghazi, Libya

Mohammad Hannon / AP

Libyan followers of Ansar al-Shariah Brigades chant anti-U.S. slogans during a protest in front of the Tibesti Hotel Sept. 14.

ID: 589887

7. London, England

Sang Tan / AP

Islamic supporters burn an American flag outside the U.S. Embassy in London Sept. 14. (Black flags in the background.)

ID: 589968

8. Rafah, Gaza Strip


A Palestinian Salafist holds an Al-Qaeda-affiliated flag on Sept. 14.

ID: 590129

9. Sinai, Egypt

STR/AFP / Getty Images

Bedouin protesters wave an Al-Qaeda-affiliated flag near an MFO watch tower on Sept. 14.

ID: 590130

10. Sydney, Australia

Protesters march through Sydney on Sept. 15.

ID: 590131

11. Ankara, Turkey

Protesters shout anti-U.S. slogans during a protest on Sept. 16.

ID: 590161

12. Jakarta, Indonesia

Beawiharta / Reuters

A Muslim protester during a protest in front of the U.S. embassy in Jakarta Sept. 17.

ID: 590162

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