This Lakers Security Guard Named “Ted Vagina,” Who Ejected Shaq, Looks A Lot Like Will Ferrell

Don’t cross Will.

1. Last night at the Lakers game, Will Ferrell showed up dressed as one of the Staples Center’s “red coat” security guards.

ID: 886031

2. Ferrell’s name for the night was “Ted Vagina”.

ID: 886258

3. Ferrell played it pretty straight. Look how intimidating he is.

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4. He even got in one fan’s face.

ID: 885999

5. Wha? It’s Shaq!

ID: 885996

6. I don’t know what Shaq did, but he doesn’t put up even a hint of an argument as Will cuffs him and takes him out.

ID: 885997

7. Don’t mess with Will Ferrell, even if you’re a terrifying giant of a man.

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H/T Entertainment Tonight.

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