Why You Shouldn’t Headbutt A Football Player If You’re Not Wearing A Helmet

Ohio State assistant coach and former New England Patriot star Mike Vrabel got a little too fired up before the Ohio State–Michigan game.

1. After the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes made the Michigan Wolverines cry like the babies they are, a rumor began to spread around the Internet.

Mark Duncan / AP
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2. Apparently Buckeye assistant coach Mike Vrabel had claimed that he was so excited before the game that he headbutted a player despite the fact that Vrabel was helmet-less and the player was not.

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3. Thanks to the magic of Twitter, Derek Young from Buckeye Blog ElevenWarriors.com was able to reach out to Vrabel’s wife to confirm the story.


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4. And Jen Vrabel went a step beyond just confirming.

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5. She shared this amazing photo.

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6. #einstein

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