23 Reasons Why The Best College Basketball Player In The Country Has A Unibrow

Kentucky just won the National Title, and everyone has the same question. Why does their star and presumptive NBA number-one pick Anthony Davis have a massive unibrow? BuzzFeed Sports and Twitter theorize.

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1. Because it’s statistically impressive.

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2. Because he’s wants to donate it to the less fortunate.

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3. Because he wants to donate it to the more fortunate.

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4. Because he doesn’t want to be distracted by women.

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5. Because he’d rather not have to wear a headband.

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6. Because it distracts him from injuries.

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7. Because he wants to remind people how great Salma Hayek was in Frida.

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8. Because it intimidates other players.

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9. Because he doesn’t know about it.

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10. Because he’s planning a bigger fashion statement.

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11. Because it’s where his power comes from.

ID: 188295

12. Because it slows down his opponents.

ID: 188276

13. Because he doesn’t have a choice. It’s sentient.

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14. Because he wants to make his unibrow famous.

ID: 188281

15. Because he’s a big fan of Hollister.

ID: 188283

16. Because it gave him more college options.

ID: 188285

17. Because it’s good enough to bring back old hashtags.

ID: 188286

18. Because he actually doesn’t have one eyebrow. He has two.

ID: 188280

19. Because he has natural #swag.

ID: 188287

20. Because while people are distracted, he blocks their shots.

ID: 188290

21. Because he doesn’t have friends.

ID: 188292

22. Because he’s trying to start a trend.

ID: 188294

23. Because he doesn’t know this guy exists.

ID: 188272


No dude. Other people realized.

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