This Is The McKayla Maroney Of Dogs

These NBA halftime-show dogs should be stars. STARS I SAY.

1. Oh, interesting. This dog is about to do some kind of trick. Look at his person stepping back to give him some room.

ID: 1098405

2. I wonder what he needs all that room for HOLY CRAP

ID: 1098406

3. And this guy knows how to celebrate his dog’s awesomeness.

ID: 1098404

4. But the best art of the whole thing was this overeager dog.

ID: 1098402

5. That little dog reminds me of someone:

ID: 1098507

6. Wow. I can’t even tell the difference.

ID: 1098548

7. This halftime dog show busted out some other great tricks too. Like hurdles…

ID: 1098678

8. A conga line…

ID: 1098677

9. And…uh…whatever this is.

ID: 1098679

10. Even McKayla’s impressed.

ID: 1098711

11. Watch Charles Barkley and company break down these tricks and more here:

ID: 1098715

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