10 Things More Exciting Than Mitt Romney’s Presidential Candidacy

Now that Chris Christie has decided against running, Mitt Romney seems like the Republican front-runner! Hurray! What’s that? Not really excited? Well maybe you should consider some of these things instead.

1. Watching Grass Grow

ID: 11946

2. Watching Paint Dry

ID: 11947

3. Waiting For A Pot Of Water To Boil

That’s right, and this video has the words “Now We’re Boiling!” in it. With an exclamation point and everything. Still more exciting than Mitt.

ID: 11949

4. Getting A Root Canal

ID: 11951

5. Spending A Week With Your In-Laws

ID: 11953

6. Reading Michele Bachmann’s Book

ID: 11966

7. Cleaning Up Dog Shit

ID: 11961

8. Listening To A Lecture Co-Given By Michael Dukakis And Al Gore

ID: 11969

9. Dealing With A Post-Coital Anal Froth Situation

ID: 11971

10. The Candidacy Of Herman Cain

And he quotes Pokémon in his speeches.

ID: 11957

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