The Worst Sports-Related Tattoos

These exist. And that’s sad. [Be warned some are offensive.]

1. Ohio State’s Mascot Raping Michigan’s Mascot

(via Deadspin)

Why: I’d like to think that rape (even by mascots) is something we can all agree is terrible, regardless of which team you root for.

ID: 321029

2. A Penis Wearing A Giants Helmet

(via Barstool Sports)

Why: This one was the result of a lost bet, and as such was designed to be as terrible as possible. I have to imagine this is going to make dating difficult for the dummyyoung gentleman who wears it.

ID: 321039

3. Broncos “Tebow Time”

(via Deadspin)

Why: Another lost bet, this one wouldn’t be so high on the list if it weren’t for the fact that Tebow would be out of Denver less than a year later.

ID: 320880

4. Texas Rangers 2011 World Series Champions

(via Big League Stew)

Why: Because this cocky douche got the tattoo before last year’s playoffs were over, and though the Rangers did appear in the World Series, they lost. I thank God every day that I don’t have a Cleveland Indians 1997 World Series Champs tattoo.

ID: 320882

5. Clemson University Misspelled

(via College Humor)

Why: That’s not how your school spells its name.

ID: 320883

6. Giant, Blue John Elway Face

(via The Denver Post)

Why: It’s a giant blue portrait of John Elway’s face on his thigh? Do you want to get in the shower every day and see John Elway’s face? I don’t.

ID: 320926

7. Bills Receiver Stevie Johnson’s Face

(Via @StevieJohnson13)

Why: Stevie Johnson is a good receiver, but he’s only had two good years. You know who else had two good years? Braylon Edwards. Want his face on your arm?

ID: 321022

8. Chicago Bears On The Brain

(AP Photos)

Why: Don’t get things tattooed on the back of your head. Just don’t. Also weird, tattooed signatures.

ID: 320892

9. David Beckham On Her Lower Back

(Getty Images)

Why: Lower back tattoos aren’t always the best ideas, period. Lower back tattoos that say a man’s name? Even less so. Lower back tattoos that say a man’s name whom you’ve never met? Worse still.

ID: 320887

10. Insanely Large Bear Bryant

(Via Sports Illustrated)

Why: Bear Bryant’s “I’m just chilling here against the goalpost” pose is hilarious. Also great, this tattoo’s owner is wearing a matching Bear Bryant hat.

ID: 321004

11. The Championship Belt

(via Black Sports Online)

Why: You are the champion of nothing.

ID: 321026

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