The Most Romantic NBA GIF Ever

“Our love. Our love. Our endless love.”

1. The NBA can be a brutal place.

ID: 1006906

2. Filled with violence.

ID: 1006914

3. Anger.

ID: 1006964

4. And horror.

ID: 1006974

But every once in a while, a moment happens that is pure and sweet and, dare I say, romantic. Last night when Corey Brewer was fouled while shooting a three (a rare occurence), JaVale McGee and Kenneth Faried’s reaction was one such moment.

ID: 1006978

7. JaVale even tried to get fresh with Faried.

ID: 1006992

8. Stay sweet, you two.

(Pierre is JaVale’s weird, self-appointed nickname. Manimal is Kenneth Faried’s awesome, well-earned nickname.)

ID: 1007011

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