The Most Hilariously Frustrating Quote From An Athlete Ever

Thank you, Gerald Wallace. Thank you.

1. This is Gerald Wallace. He plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

Matt Slocum / AP
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2. The Nets traded for Wallace last March, giving up a first-round pick which would become rookie sensation Damian Lillard. The Nets claimed the move would “balance the roster… and [allow them to] still have cap flexibility.”

Eric Gay / AP
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In the off-season, Wallace signed a contract for four years and $40 million. Damian Lillard makes $6.27 million over two years. So there’s Billy King’s definition of “cap flexibility.”

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And despite that huge contract, Gerald Wallace is having a terrible season. He’s shooting 27% from the field in March, which is abysmal. Like, “Maybe it’s time to go play in Europe” bad.

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5. When asked what he needed to do to turn things around after a recent loss to the Hawks, Wallace had an answer doused in a hilarious level of frustration.

Matt Slocum / AP
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An NBA player so bad at shooting at the moment that successfully getting trash into a trash can would be an improvement. Ladies and gentlemen, your Brooklyn Nets!

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