The 16 Greatest Skeptical Katie Couric Faces From Her Manti Te’o Interview

Katie’s face doesn’t take crap from anybody.

1. The “You talked for how many hours?” face

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2. The “So you never met her?” face

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3. The “You do realize that none of this makes sense, right?” face

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4. The “Tell me the truth. All I want is the truth. I’ll slap you to get it if I have to” face

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5. The “I mean, your best-case scenario in all this, is that we all believe you’re the dumbest person alive. You get that?” face

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6. The “Seriously. Are you gay? Just tell us if you’re gay. We’ll be cool” face

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7. The “But you did lie in early December” face

ID: 833598

8. The “Even hearing this story is making me stupid” face

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9. The “You never thought her story about a car accident and then a coma and then leukemia seemed a little fishy?” face

ID: 833602

10. The “Pretty bad. This story is pretty bad” face

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11. The “Explain this to me in a way where it makes sense that you wouldn’t want a real girlfriend who you could actually, like, kiss” face

ID: 833606

12. The “What has my life become?” face

ID: 833607

13. The “You’re making me miss the Today show. I didn’t know that was possible” face

ID: 833604

14. The “I used to do journalism” face

ID: 833608

15. The “Do you know I almost single-handedly brought down a vice presidential candidate and now I’m doing this?” face

ID: 833594

16. The “I wonder if it’s too late to go to, like, CNN or that Al Gorezeera thing” face

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