The 15 Types Of People Pro Sports Accepted Before Gay Athletes

As brilliantly stated by Jon Stewart.

Upon the news of Jason Collins coming out and receiving such a warm reaction from his peers, Jon Stewart took to his show to point out the types of people who were accepted by the sports world BEFORE gay people:

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7. Slaughterers Of Man

Read about Cesar Cedeno here.

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8. Spouse Abusers

Read about Ron Artest here.

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10. Alcoholics

Read about Babe Ruth here.

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11. People Who Abuse Family Members

Read about Michael Pittman here.

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12. Animal Abusers

Read about Michael Vick here.

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14. People Who Text Their Dick To Co-Workers

Read about Brett Favre here.

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And finally…

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15. A Guy Who Threw Lit Firecrackers Into A Crowd Of Children

Read about Vince Coleman here.

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Watch the video of the entire great segment here.

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