Six Months After Having A Heart Attack On The Field, A Soccer Star Returns To The Scene

WARNING: Severe goosebumps ahead.

1. Back in March, 24-year-old Bolton Wanderer soccer player Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart attack during an FA Cup match. The midfielder collapsed just before halftime, and doctors struggled to revive him.

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2. It was a terrifying situation, and fans and players alike waited with bated breath.

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6. And even though he was an opposing player, his name rang out through the crowd. Every fan hoping that Muamba would be alright.

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7. Eventually, the doctors got Muamba onto a stretcher and took him out of the stadium. Once at the hospital they were thankfully able to revive him. Which was far from a given, as Muamba had been clinically dead for 78 minutes.

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8. But the 24-year-old would never be able to play the sport he loved again.

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9. Last night Muamba made his return to White Hart Lane, the stadium where he collapsed, and the welcome was chilling.

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11. Enjoy your moment, Mr. Muamba. You’ve gone through more than enough to earn it.

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