Russell Westbrook’s 8 Craziest Playoff Shirts

Oklahoma City’s point guard is a star in the making. And all stars need a calling card. Russell’s? Crazy shirts.

3. The “Oh Shit, Did You Get Paint On Me?” Shirt

Joyrich — The Pollock SS Buttondown Shirt in Indigo — $72

ID: 341472

4. The “Let’s Tear The Pages Out Of This Manual And Turn Them Into A Shirt” Shirt

Play Cloths — The Jacobs Ladder SS Buttondown Shirt in Eggnog — $85

ID: 341473

5. The “Teddy Bears Have Swag Too” Shirt

This is a Ralph Lauren shirt, but I can’t find it anywhere online. It’s possible that Russ had them all destroyed so he could be the only one to look this awesome. Sorry.

ID: 341474

6. The “Sewing Together Free Fabric Swatches Is Fun” Shirt

Barneys — Junya Watanabe Man Comme Des Garçons Patchwork Shirt — $359 (on sale from $595)

ID: 341475

8. The “I Can’t Believe This Is One Of The More Normal Ones” Shirt

Urban Outfitters — Shirts For All My Friends Noda Shirt — $49

ID: 341476

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