Reporter Gets Hit With A Second Surprise Gatorade Bath In A Week

It has not been Julie Alexandria’s week.

1. Earlier this week, MASN’s Julie Alexandria got caught up in the gatorade crossfire while interviewing Gio Gonzalez.

ID: 1125352

2. On Monday night, she interviewed Jordan Zimmerman. It was going well until…

ID: 1125284

3. Uh oh…

ID: 1125273

4. She doesn’t know it’s coming yet.

ID: 1125302

5. Ah Zimmerman sees it coming here, but Alexandria doesn’t.

ID: 1125301

6. AS soon as he starts to move, she starts to figure out what’s happening.

ID: 1125300

7. But it’s too late.

ID: 1125272

8. BOOM!

ID: 1125518

9. It was unclear at first if she took it in stride the way she did the first time…

ID: 1125535

10. But at the end she was a good sport about it.

ID: 1125536

I think the Nationals might have a crush on her. This is like watching that kid pull on the girl’s pigtails in third grade.

ID: 1125541

12. Watch the video here:

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ID: 1125543

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