Professional Boxer Tracks Down Twitter Troll In Real Life

This man is a hero.

1. This is Curtis Woodhouse. Former professional soccer player. Current professional boxer.

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Last weekend Woodhouse lost a match to Shayne “The Pain” Singleton, which is totally understandable, because his nickname is “The Pain.” Now if he was Shayne “My Little Pony” Singleton, that would be embarrassing.

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3. But that didn’t stop someone named “@Jimmyob88” on Twitter from laying into Woodhouse. Here’s a sampling.

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4. Woodhouse couldn’t take the anonymous Twitter hate, so he took matters into his own hands after getting a tip about Jimmy’s location.

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7. Jimmy got a little nervous and started to apologize.

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8. But Woodhouse wasn’t having it.

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9. Woodhouse was…um…into it.

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10. And he counted down his trip.

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11. But his tipster didn’t have Jimmy’s house number so he had to keep asking for it.

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12. Then Woodhouse arrived at Jimmy’s road.

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13. And Jimmy began to realize what a mistake he made.

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14. But Woodhouse isn’t a creep. When Jimmy wasn’t around, he decided to leave. LIKE A GENTLEMAN.

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15. And though he did cause Jimmy to delete all the offending tweets…

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16. …he arrived home to a somewhat frustrating discovery.

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17. You’re a troll-slaying hero, Curtis Woodhouse. A troll-slaying hero.

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