Professional Boxer Tracks Down Twitter Troll In Real Life

This man is a hero.

1. This is Curtis Woodhouse. Former professional soccer player. Current professional boxer.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

Last weekend Woodhouse lost a match to Shayne “The Pain” Singleton, which is totally understandable, because his nickname is “The Pain.” Now if he was Shayne “My Little Pony” Singleton, that would be embarrassing.

3. But that didn’t stop someone named “@Jimmyob88” on Twitter from laying into Woodhouse. Here’s a sampling.

4. Woodhouse couldn’t take the anonymous Twitter hate, so he took matters into his own hands after getting a tip about Jimmy’s location.

7. Jimmy got a little nervous and started to apologize.

8. But Woodhouse wasn’t having it.

9. Woodhouse was…um…into it.

10. And he counted down his trip.

11. But his tipster didn’t have Jimmy’s house number so he had to keep asking for it.

12. Then Woodhouse arrived at Jimmy’s road.

13. And Jimmy began to realize what a mistake he made.

14. But Woodhouse isn’t a creep. When Jimmy wasn’t around, he decided to leave. LIKE A GENTLEMAN.

15. And though he did cause Jimmy to delete all the offending tweets…

16. …he arrived home to a somewhat frustrating discovery.

17. You’re a troll-slaying hero, Curtis Woodhouse. A troll-slaying hero.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

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