Olympian Shaun White Cut His Hair For Charity

The long-haired ginger isn’t so long-haired anymore, and he suddenly looks a lot like a certain famous person.

1. White may be best known for his crazy tricks on a snowboard, but his flowing red locks are a close second on the list of memorable things about Shaun White. Well, after today they are a little less flowing. White decided to cut his hair for charity.

He has said he will donate his cut hair to Locks Of Love.

ID: 760564

2. Before/After Shot:

ID: 760543

3. But short-haired Shaun looks so familiar. Who does he look like?

ID: 760651

4. Shaun White IS Joel Osteen now.

ID: 760655

H/T Chris Chase at USA Today.

ID: 760575

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