NFL Player On Gay Athletes: "I Don’t Want To Teach My Kids Those Things."

“You don’t have to show it and flaunt it like that.”

1. In an awkward interview with ESPN on the issue of gay athletes, Falcons star Asante Samuel brought up a few obnoxious straw man arguments.

David Goldman / AP

Um… As long as gay people play sports, there is a combination.

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Scott Cunningham / Getty Images

Yeah. Because your experience as a member of the majority totally qualifies you to talk about how a minority group feels.

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Duane Burleson / AP

Translation: It’s okay to be gay, but I don’t have to know, do I?

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Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

Because explaining to a child that two people love each other is such a terrifying thought.

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5. Watch the whole painful interview here.

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