Mitt Romney Causes Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao To Get His Ass Kicked


1. On Saturday, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez had their fourth fight against each other.

Julie Jacobson / AP
ID: 741874

2. Before the fight, Mitt Romney introduced himself to Pacquiao and put his bad Mitt Romney juju all over him.

ID: 741854

3. The two fighters have fought close matches before (a draw and two Pacquaio wins), but Marquez had never actually beaten Pacquiao.

Steve Marcus / Reuters
ID: 741916

4. Until Saturday.

Julie Jacobson / AP
ID: 741866

5. When Pacquiao met Romney.

Eric Jamison / AP
ID: 741867

6. Here was Romney’s reaction.

ID: 741859

7. Sad Mitt Romney is super sad.

Julie Jacobson / AP
ID: 741863

Scientifically speaking, this was all Romney’s fault.

ID: 741924

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