Meet The Armless American Archer Who Won Paralympic Silver

Winning a medal at the Paralympics is impressive enough, but when you don’t have arms and that medal’s in archery? Now that’s mind-blowing.

1. This is Matt Stutzman. He’s a 29-year-old American paralympic archer from Kansas who was born without arms.

Olivia Harris / Reuters

2. To compete he sits and supports the bow with one foot, while loading the arrow with the other.

Toby Melville / Reuters

3. He then pulls the cord back with his teeth and fires.

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

4. He obviously has to take his shoes off to compete.

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

5. Matt originally started using a bow only two years ago, so he could hunt, because his family needed food.

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

6. One winter, he and his friend were bored and decided to go to an Archery tournament. He was instantly hooked.

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

7. He’s spent the last two years shooting as much as possible.

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

8. This week it paid off, as Stutzman took silver at the Paralympics. Most of his competitors had a slight advantage over Matt.

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

9. They had arms.

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images


Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

Talk about inspiring.

Watch Matt Shoot.

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