Look How Happy Dennis Rodman Made That Evil Dictator

“Basketball diplomacy!”

1. We recently learned that Dennis Rodman and a collection of Harlem Globetrotters had gone to North Korea to play basketball exhibitions for dictator Kim Jong-Un.

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2. But until now, we had to use our imaginations to paint a picture of the entertained dictator. No more, thanks to Vice.

Jason Mojica, VICE - Kim Jong-un with Dennis Rodman
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Look how tickled he is! He hasn’t been this happy since that time his dad publicly executed those people for reading (reading!) South Korean propaganda leaflets.

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Jason Mojica, VICE - Kim Jong-un with Dennis Rodman
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But lest you be offended by the idea of Americans going to North Korea to entertain an evil leader while his people starve and are subject to a brutal and inhumane system of gulags and repression, Rodman had some thoughts.

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7. So apparently if this guy…

Hulton Archive / Getty Images
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8. Dressed more like this…

Hulton Archive / Getty Images
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It would have been totally fine for Americans to go entertain him during the height of the Soviet Union’s brutal purges.

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10. (Also, I for one was shocked that this guy felt the need to utter the words “I’m not a politician.”)

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