Is This Baseball’s Greatest April Fools’ Day Prank?

Wow. Prank or accident, this is tremendous.

1. This is A.J. Burnett.

J. Meric / Getty Images
ID: 1034111

He was the opening day starter for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

ID: 1034112

3. This is a rosin bag.

Charlie Neibergall / AP
ID: 1034123

4. Baseball pitchers use it to get better control of the ball.

Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram / MCT
ID: 1034127

5. Earlier today, A.J. Burnett went to use the Rosin bag, when…

ID: 1034132

The announcer pointed out that since it is April Fools’ Day, this may be “the ol’ exploding rosin bag trick.”

ID: 1034133

7. Here’s hoping it wasn’t a prank, because if it was, I think whoever played it may be in grave danger. Does this look like someone you want to mess with?

David Denoma / Reuters
ID: 1034083

Didn’t think so.

ID: 1034150

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