Images From One Of The Greatest Baseball Games Of All Time

Last night’s World Series game was among the greatest ever played. Though the baseball was sloppy the drama was exquisite. It’s rare that you can say that in sports without being hyperbolic. This is one of those times. Here is the story told in amazing pictures.

Let me start by saying that every one of these games between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals has been awesome. This has been an amazing series that should serve as a tremendous commercial for the game of baseball and help to create a whole new generation of fans. Unfortunately the games start so late that no kids were awake to see the magic. Great job MLB.

ID: 19695

Last night’s game began with the Rangers leading the best of 7 series 3-2 and the hometown Cardinals one game away from elimination.

ID: 19696

Jaime Garcia had a rough start for the Cards.

ID: 19710

As evidenced here.

ID: 19712

And here.

ID: 19717

Colby Lewis didn’t fare much better.

ID: 19694

The teams traded runs until the 7th when The Rangers hit back to back home runs and ended up scoring 3 runs. Taking a 7-4 lead.

ID: 19720

Nelson Cruz was really happy about it.

ID: 19709

Albert Pujols was not.

ID: 19723

But Albert keeps the faith.

ID: 19727

17. Bottom of the 9th. 2 Outs. Down 7-5. Men on First And Second. Down to their last strike of the season.

Enter David Freese

ID: 19730

Exit Nelson Cruz’s ability to field.

ID: 19706

Freese triples in Albert Pujols and Lance Berkman to tie the game.

ID: 19733

23. Top Of The 10th. 7-7. Man on first.

Josh Hamilton hits a two-run home run.

ID: 19736

32. Bottom Of The 10th. Down 9-7. One Out. Men on Second and Third.

Ryan Theriot grounds out but a run scores.

ID: 19842

33. Bottom of The 10th. Down 9-8. Two Outs. Down to their last strike. Men on First and Second.

Lance Berkman singles in the tying run

ID: 19849

37. Bottom of The 11th. 9-9. No outs. No one on base.

David Freese returns with an encore. A walk-off solo home run.

ID: 19776

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