High School Player Purposefully Inbounds The Ball To Opposing Team So Disabled Manager Can Score

Is it dusty in here or is that just me?

1. This is the Coronado High School Thunderbirds basketball team from El Paso, Texas.

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2. This is Mitchell Marcus, the Thunderbirds’ beloved team manager. Mitchell has a developmental disorder.

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3. But Mitchell loves basketball just about as much as anyone has ever loved anything. His coach appreciated Mitchell’s love and devotion to the sport and team, so for the last game of the regular season, Mitchell got to dress in uniform.

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4. Mitchell thought it was just an honorary thing.

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5. What he didn’t know was that he’d get to play, and that his teammates would do everything they could to get him a basket.

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6. Unfortunately, Mitchell struggled to make it happen.

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9. Mitchell was getting dismayed.

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10. But then a player from the opposing team, Jonathon Montanez, stepped up.

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11. When it came time to inbound the ball, Montanez shouted Mitchell’s name and passed the ball right to him.

ID: 930252

12. And then told him to shoot. Mitchell was surprised and excited.

ID: 930246

13. And he knocked down his shot.

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14. And the place exploded.

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15. And Mitchell Marcus got his day in the sun.

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16. Mitchell Marcus’ mom said it best.

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17. Watch the video here:

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