High School Sophomore Leaps Over Another Player To Dunk

In high school I sometimes lept down two stairs at once to get to the cafeteria faster. So me and this guy have a lot in common.

1. Victor Dukes of Arkansas’ Nettleton High threw down a crazy dunk in a game against Arkansas’ Manila High. Let’s look at it.

ID: 783278

2. WHAT?! NOOOOO! Get out of the way, ref! How dare you rob us of this? HOW DARE YOU!

ID: 783302

3. Thank God this high school game somehow had replay angles which will let us bask in the glory of a high schooler doing something that no high schooler should be able to do.

ID: 783279

4. Please tell me there’s another, even clearer angle. Please. Pleeeeease…

ID: 783679


ID: 783678

6. Watch the video here:

ID: 783376

H/T Dom Cosentino at Deadspin.

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