Fan Criticizes Amar’e Stoudemire, Amar’e Calls Him A "Fag"

The Knicks star forgot the golden rule: “Think before you tweet.” That is the golden rule, right?

1. It all started when a fan was an ass to Amar’e after the Knicks star tweeted about a workout.

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2. Amar’e direct messaged the fan an angry reply with an unfortunate slur.

Which the fan quickly shared with the world.

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3. Amar’e later sent another message apologizing, as some news outlets picked up on the story.

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4. Important Note To Remember: This kid is an asshole.

Because who doesn’t send hateful tweets to their role models?

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Still a huge fan? That implies that you’ve been behaving like a fan to this point.

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LOL, indeed. LOL, indeed.

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H/t Deadspin.

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