Damian Lillard Is TERRIFIED Of Historic Statues

Well this is crazy.

1. Portland rookie Damian Lillard has been setting the basketball world on fire, averaging 19 points and 6 assists a game, unreal numbers for a rookie.

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2. But it turns out he’s not without weaknesses, as the Internet discovered when Lillard tweeted about his team’s road trip to Washington DC.

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3. Lillard’s tweet got a lot of attention from fans who began questioning what he meant. Statues? Really? Like the stone things that don’t move or hurt anyone?

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4. But Lillard was quick to clarify the exact nature of his phobia.

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5. What could have possibly happened in that wax museum?

• Did a friend of his dress up in a really convincing MLK Jr. costume only to pretend he was a wax figure and scare Lillard?

• Did Lillard go to a terrible wax museum that had grotesque versions of the Presidents that he simply can’t get out of his head to this day?

• Did a wax figure of a historic person ACTUALLY come to life and try to murder Lillard like he was living a Goosebumps novel?

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6. Regardless, if the Wizards really want to stop him when he’s in town, they should make a roster change.

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