Cincinnati’s Jerseys Are The Worst Of The Worst


1. Earlier this month we brought you a photo of Adidas’ super ugly new jerseys for some college hoops teams.

Adidas / AP
ID: 1008835

2. Most of those teams have since abandoned use of those jerseys, but Cincinnati has stuck with them. And ugh.

Tim Shaffer / Reuters
ID: 1008612

3. It looks like my TV is broken in very specific places.

Elsa / Getty Images
ID: 1008618

4. Stop it! Wear normal shorts! It looks like you’re moving, when you’re not moving!

ID: 1008647

5. Also, you probably feel stupid wearing them. That doesn’t help your game.

ID: 1008648

6. Thankfully Cincy lost today so hopefully we’ll never have to see them again…

Tim Shaffer / Reuters
ID: 1008861

7. Hey, crappy jerseys:

ID: 1008882

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