Adidas’ Strategy For The NFL’s Newest Star? Be Super Creepy

At least that’s the takeaway from their first commercial featuring Robert Griffin III. The idea is that he’s haunting defensive players, but some of these moments will probably haunt you.

1. Robert “I don’t know why I’m rubbing my fingers together, but you have to admit that it’s scary” Griffin III

ID: 440427

2. Robert “I’m in two places at once” Griffin III

ID: 440663

3. Robert “Did I say two? I meant three” Griffin III

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ID: 440429

4. Robert “Going to the cops? I am the cops” Griffin III

ID: 440536

5. Robert “I’m also that security guard” Griffin III

ID: 440537

6. Robert “Good luck sleeping tonight” Griffin III

ID: 440504

7. The full commercial:

ID: 440580

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