21 Reasons You Should Be Following The NBA’s Weirdest Player On Twitter

On the court, JaVale McGee is maddeningly inconsistent. Off the court, he’s the most consistently weird, funny, crazy athlete on Twitter. Here’s why.

Why do I love JaVale McGee? Let me count the ways.

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1. He Is Health Conscious

ID: 177071

2. He Has A Cartoon Alter-Ego Named Pierre Whom He Inserts Into Photos

ID: 177031

3. He Has Terrible Taste In Movies

ID: 177107

4. He Has Surprisingly Great Taste In TV

ID: 177062

5. He Doesn’t Understand The Seriousness Of Flooding

ID: 177067

6. He Asks The Serious Questions

ID: 177072

7. He Thinks It’s A Shame How Gangsta Is Mom Is

ID: 177076

8. He Has A DJ Roomba

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ID: 177096

9. He Is Very Observant

ID: 177100

10. He Has Profound Views On The World

ID: 177111

11. He’s Just As Annoying As Your Friends On Twitter

ID: 177121

12. He Tries To Be Sensitive To LGBT Issues

ID: 177143

13. He Feels Betrayed By The Flawed Logic Of Cartoons

ID: 177873

14. He Hates When Rappers Rhyme On Twitter

ID: 177881

15. He Has Great Jokes

ID: 177885

16. He Is Empathetic But Sloppy

ID: 177951

17. He’s Concerned About Gender Inequality

ID: 177959

18. He’s Less Concerned About History

ID: 177962

19. He’s Not A Great Cook

ID: 178010

20. He Once Posted This Photo

ID: 178016

21. Babies Are Very Suspicious Of Him

ID: 176919

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