21 Reasons To Love The Mind-Blowing New Sport Of "Trampoline Wall"

Introducing extreme athlete Christophe Hamel and the craziest sport you’ve never heard of.

“Trampoline Wallers” are awesome because…

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1. Sometimes they blow your mind with flips.

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2. No, I mean it.

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3. I’m not kidding.

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4. *Mind explodes*

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5. Sometimes they do it outside.

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6. Sometimes they do it off rocks, which seems crazy dangerous.

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7. Sometimes the danger seems out of control, like doing it into a parking garage.

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8. Or off this pole.

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9. Or off this pole and then flipping into a landing.

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10. It takes a lot of upper body strength to do it well.

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11. And balance. Without balance you could never land in a handstand like this one.

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12. Sometimes it’s the beginning of the move that kicks ass.

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13. Like this flip-start. Whoa.

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14. Sometimes it’s the finish that is awesome.

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15. Like this one.

ID: 757391

16. Or this.

ID: 757384

17. Sometimes their flips dazzle crowds.

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18. Sometimes they’re just working out alone.

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19. Sometimes it seems like they’re defying gravity.

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20. They always make it look fun.

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21. But mostly they just do awesome things like this.

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