18 Reasons You Should Be Following Baseball’s Weirdest Player On Twitter

On the field, Nyjer Morgan is equal parts fun to watch and frustrating. Off the field, he’s just fun. On Twitter, he’s a genius. Here’s why.

Why do I love Nyjer Morgan? Let me count the ways.

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1. He Has An Alter-Ego Named Tony Plush Who Has Great Words Of Wisdom

ID: 227595

2. He Wears Protective Headgear Whenever Necessary

ID: 227566

3. He Considers Ochocinco His Mentor

ID: 227537

4. He Loves Twilight

ID: 227543

5. He Has Great Fitness Tips

ID: 227539

6. He Has Brought Out Other Alter-Egos Only To Have Tony Plush Defeat Them

Note: All of his alter-egos have been named “Tony something.” It’s unclear why, as no varriation of Tony or Anthony is in his actual name.

ID: 227545

7. He Loves His Jewish Brothers And Sisters

ID: 227553

8. He Is Very Specific About Where Enemies Should Be Kept

ID: 227589

9. He’s Great At Photoshop

ID: 227570

10. No Seriously, He LOVES Twilight

ID: 227565

11. He Appreciates The “Second” Most Interesting Man In The World

ID: 227575

12. He Gets Really Excited About Tourist-y Things Wherever He Goes

ID: 227576

13. He Knows His Plushdamentals

ID: 227609

14. He Has A Zen-Like Take On The Passage Of Time

ID: 227592

15. He’s A Real Life Where’s Waldo

ID: 227584

16. He Has Great Taste In Clothes

ID: 227587

17. He Doesn’t Believe It’s Possible To Be On Time

ID: 227594

18. Sometimes He Doesn’t Even Know What The Score Is

ID: 227611

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