17 Reasons An NBA Star Punched A Fire Extinguisher

After last night’s game, Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire punched a fire extinguisher. Why? BuzzFeed Sports and Twitter theorize.

1. It Was An Emergency

ID: 266042

2. He Was Picturing A Particular Teammate

ID: 266041

3. He Thought The New York Post Should Get To Have Some Fun

ID: 266043

4. He Takes Team Names Literally

ID: 266044

5. Maybe There Was A Fire

ID: 266045

6. He Secretly Bet On Miami And Was Celebrating

ID: 266268

7. He’s A Stickler For Rules And Regulations

ID: 266046

8. He Was Trying To Prove That Nike Shoes Protect You From Injury

After all, not wearing Nike is how Derrick Rose got hurt, right?

ID: 266050

9. He Misheard What The Fire Extinguisher Said To Him

ID: 266047

10. He Doesn’t Understand Basic Basketball Jargon

ID: 266048

11. He Wanted To Help JaVale McGee Feel Smarter

ID: 266255

12. The Fire Extinguisher Worked Closely With The Commissioner’s Office On Schedule Planning

ID: 266049

13. He Was Trying To Prove LeBron Flops

ID: 266053

14. He Wanted To Have The Coolest Injury On The Injury Report

ID: 266262

15. Because Jewish Guilt Can Eat At A Person

ID: 266275

16. He Saw His Braids In The Reflection

ID: 266056

17. You Would Punch Something Too If You Played With Melo

ID: 266078

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