11 Things We Learned From The 16 Second Preview Of Oprah’s Lance Armstrong Interview

Thanks for nothing, OWN.

1. It will feature Lance Armstrong.

ID: 809673

2. It will also feature Oprah.

ID: 809674

3. The producer at OWN has a sense of humor and used the Livestrong font.

ID: 809689

4. Oprah will look concerned.

ID: 809670

5. Lance will be nervous and teary.

ID: 809671

6. At one point he will make this face.

ID: 809672

7. It’s being advertised like a boxing match.

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ID: 809707

8. Behind Lance and Oprah will be this plate on which Lance will likely present his lies to Oprah.

ID: 809638

9. There will also be these candles and a bottle which will probably be used in some sort of ritual burning and cleansing of Lance’s soul.

ID: 809639

10. There will be a box full of Lance’s secrets.

ID: 809640

11. And they will both have glasses of water.

ID: 809641

Watch all 16 seconds here.

ID: 809561

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