The 12 Worst Kinds Of Drivers

As if commuting wasn’t bad enough, these people enjoy making your drive that much more aggravating.

1. The “I Refuse To Stop Tailgating You” Driver

Beware, this person can’t seem to fathom being more than 3 inches away from your bumper, so they take it upon themselves to ride your ass the entire time. Despite the fact that you’re already going 60 in a 50 zone, or that there is a clear lane to the left of them, they persist.

2. The “I Don’t Need To Use My Indicator Because I’m Superior To You” Driver

This person thinks it’s fun to aimlessly change lanes, without giving you a heads up as to which direction they’re planning on going. It’s quite entertaining, actually. Will they go left or right this time? In all seriousness though, using your indicator can prevent accidents. Don’t be lazy and just use it, will you?

3. The “Let Us Drive Side By Side” Driver

I’m not entirely sure what’s going through this person’s mind. It is weird, uncomfortable, and not to mention dangerous, on so many levels. You have two options here, my friend. Either slow down a little, or hit that gas pedal and get out of my way.

4. The “I’m Never Going To Let You Merge” Driver

You’re merging onto the highway, and you’ve had your indicator blinking for the past 3 minutes, but this stubborn driver refuses to let you in. Who do they think they are?

5. The “Going 80 In The Left Lane Seems Like A Good Idea” Driver

It is a universally acknowledged truth, that the left lane is for the sole purpose of going fast. Maybe you’re running late for work, or maybe you’re rushing to pick up your mother from the airport - whatever it is, you cannot spare any moment of your precious time. That is, until you’re stuck behind some dude who’s going 80 in the left lane. Either they are not aware of the rule, or they’re simply just being an a-hole.

6. The “It’s Time To Dig For Some Gold” Driver

This driver is either a) oblivious, or b) couldn’t care less whether his fellow commuting comrades notice. It always makes your day a little brighter when you catch that old lady next to you picking left, right and centre, while at a red light.

7. The “This Phone Call Can’t Wait” Driver

Despite the fact that many cities have recently adopted the law against driving and using handheld electronics, many folks continue to do so. This guy definitely has an ego that is in need of deflation. Trust me, your super important phone call can wait.

8. The “Multitasking Is A Breeze” Driver

This driver likes to think they can multitask, but really, they can’t. Sure, you may be thinking that you can totally drive and eat that sandwich, while drinking that latte, and singing that song, but again, I repeat, YOU CANNOT. For the sake of humanity, just keep your eyes on the road.

9. The “I Refuse To Get Off The Road Just Because I’m Nearing 100” Driver

Okay, a slight exaggeration, but nevertheless, the elderly are among some of the worst drivers on the road. Why? Because they like to think that they can drive, despite their painfully delayed reflexes and sight restrictions.

10. The “I Swerved My Way Through Driving School” Driver

Keep your distance from this driver, ladies and gentlemen. You’ll never know whether they’re swerving because they’re on drugs, falling asleep, or just simply cannot drive. These people make me question the credibility of many driving schools.

11. The “Oops, I Forgot My Blinker” Driver

You’ve slowed down to allow this individual to make their turn. However, for whatever reason, this person doesn’t seem to be turning. Not only are they impeding your driving, but they are a serious hazard for the road.

12. The “What’s A Blind Spot?” Driver

How this person made it through driving school, is seriously beyond me. You need to change lanes, but this ignorant individual seems to enjoy tormenting your every move.

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