This Terrifying Santa Claus Videogame From The ’80s Will Ruin Your Holiday

You’re welcome.

The Official Father Christmas came out in 1989 for the ancient consoles Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, and ZX Spectrum. If this is truly the officially sanctioned portrayal of Father Christmas, then we should all be terrified, for he is creepy as fuck.

3. He starts the game jogging creepily around his lodge with his elves trotting creepily behind you.

Look at his face, in the lower right hand corner.

5. Then he scrambles around psychotically collecting presents against an evil black background.

Is he hallucinating the presents? Probably.

7. Then he zooms around over a city, waiting for a break in the clouds to bomb buildings with enormous presents.

Look at the size of Santa. He’s a terrifying monster.

9. If you want to get even more frightened of the old man, obsessed with children, who climbs down your chimney without permission, here you go:

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