21 Awesome Toys That Your Parents Wouldn’t Buy You

Whether they were too “expensive,” too “violent,” or too “gender-stereotyping,” these were proof there were limits to your parents’ love.

1. Power Glove

ID: 1035487

2. Basically Every Star Wars Ship

ID: 1035531

3. American Girl Dolls Customized to Look Like YOU

Because everyone wants their own terrifying doppelganger…

ID: 1035510

4. This Treehouse

Can’t we beat this kid up and take it?

ID: 1035514

5. Polly Pocket Petal Village

ID: 1035493

6. Teddy Ruxpin

(You should probably thank your parents for not getting you this one. Definitely saved on psychotherapy bills.)

ID: 1035483

7. The Technodrome and Shredder

ID: 1035524

8. All the Beanie Babies

“They’re an investment, Mom!”

ID: 1035534

9. Neo Geo

This sucker was 650 smackers! Also, is that Patrick Bateman playing Metal Slug?

ID: 1035542

10. My Size Barbie

It’s a Barbie the size of a small child. Or the size of a shirtless man’s legs.

ID: 1035550


*guns only accurate within a nine-inch radius…

ID: 1035552

12. That Giant FAO Schwartz Piano

ID: 1035556

13. Barbie Dream House

ID: 1035563

14. Jurassic Park Compound Play Set (w/Optional Jeff Goldblum)

ID: 1035569

15. The Easy-Bake Oven

ID: 1035630

16. This Super Soaker

ID: 1035602

17. The Talkboy

Everything Macaulay touched turned to gold…

ID: 1035626

18. Rock Em Sock Em Robots

ID: 1035659

19. Password Journal

ID: 1035652

20. A Pony

Keep dreaming, kid…

ID: 1035578

21. And, of course, POWER WHEELS

MSRP: $440. But can you put a price on the smile of a child?

ID: 1035472

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