11 People Who Are Very Angry That They Can’t Play SimCity Right This Minute


Three days ago, Maxis’ newest SimCity launched, to hosannas from the world of gaming. The sequel to some of the most beloved games ever made, the new SimCity promised to add to the series’ unmatched depth and polish a new cooperative online mode through which gamers could each manage a city in the same geographical territory.

With this feature as the justification, Maxis and Electronic Arts (which distributes the game) require an internet connection to play the new game. And you have to connect to it through Origin, EA’s proprietary gaming portal. The problem: the game’s servers have been totally unable to handle the demand from the millions of people who want to play the game.

Maxis has removed features from the game to reduce load on their servers, and EA has already announced that they will not issue refunds to frustrated players.

So while the future of this adored series may be up in the air, one thing is for sure: PEOPLE ARE MAD.

So, pay attention Republican party! This may be a cause with some real staying power.

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