Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admitted He Smoked Crack, So Twitter Made Some Great Jokes

The embattled mayor said he probably smoked crack “in a drunken stupor,” which was really just asking for it. Pretty funny, eh? posted on

Mark Blinch / Reuters

Hardcore, Rob Ford. I'm now cool with movies shooting Toronto for New York.


Rob Ford is such an audacious, bumbling fool he would never be a mayor in America. He would be president.


Rob Ford and Alex Trebek - two Canadians obsessed with just how you phrase your questions.


Rob Ford is expected to issue another statement very shortly. I wonder if he'll invoke the #YOLO defense?


If the Canadian press wants Rob Ford to remember exactly when and how many times he smoked crack, then they obviously haven't smoked crack


If we have socialized medicine in America, we'll have to pay for the healthcare of every crackhead mayor just like they do in Canada.


People of Toronto are so disappointed in mayor Rob Ford that they might not say hi to him and shake his hand and tell him to have a good day


Rob Ford's making me feel a lot better about all those times I ate at CiCi's Pizza when I was drunk.


I feel like Rob Ford's day will end with him on his knees crying as Nino Brown points a gun at his head & says, "Am I my brother's keeper?"


I'm not saying I relate to Rob Ford, but once I was convinced to buy Bloodhound Gang concert tickets when I was wasted.


"Alright, cuff 'em boys. Looks like we... CRACKED the case" *YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHH!* -CSI: Toronto #TOpoli #inadrunkenstupor


Just to be clear, if all Rob Ford did was drink and smoke, he'd be a great politician.


"Am I sorry? Yeah I'm sorry. I'm sorry that crack cocaine is so damn delicious" - Probably Rob Ford this afternoon at some point


Rob Ford's gonna admit to killing Jimmy Hoffa and JFK! If only we'd asked the right questions! #RobFord #gravytrainwreck


i have my doubts that mayor rob ford is a crack addict, mostly based on the photos i've seen of him

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