Stars Of "The Sandlot" Have Been Reuniting On A 20th Anniversary Tour

Good news: The pictures have been amazing. Bad news: You’re officially old.

1. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the movie’s director and stars have been touring ballparks to celebrate:

2. Over the weekend, they visited Salt Lake City, where much of the film was shot.

3. There were 12,000 fans at the screening in Salt Lake City, where the stars were honored:

4. Also in SLC, writer/director David M. Evans proposed to his girlfriend:

6. Ham is also married, by the way:

7. That hasn’t stopped fans from embracing the guys, of course:

8. Little kids, born way after the movie came out, are passionate fans, too:

ȁc@FSNtylermason: @_squintz I'm rocking this shirt in Vegas today. ȁd badass win big !!

— _squintz (@Chauncey Leopardi)

10. Lots of fans have brought out their own homemade swag.

Repping my @_squintz face shirt. Met him and he LIKED my shirt. Best. Day. Ever. Childhood dream complete.

— strongsara (@Sara Strong)

11. Some of which has been, well, more disturbing than necessary:

ȁc@NBBernardo: @_squintz my buddies new tat ȁd is that real or photoshop ? Crazy !! It's a good portrait ?.... (Shrugs)

— _squintz (@Chauncey Leopardi)

12. They’re touring through September.

So see if they’re coming to your city!

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